Where we are

We are in a distant but special place...

...a place that you can't believe nor imagine 'till the moment you see it!

A place that you’d like to describe, but you can’t find the world to describe it as you want.
A place where life flows in a different way than your, where values are different, where eveything is different, more intense, fashinating, addictive.
A place where nothing is obvious but eveything is apreciated.

Everyday there will be something that will surprise you, that will emotionate you and that will let you move, as probably rarely happens.

We are at Mimi na Wewe…in Africa! …in the real Africa!

We don’t know if you have already been to Kenya or, generally speaking, to Africa (not Tunisia or Egypt, but central Africa) we feel right to make an important premise.

Here, we are far from italian or european beaches and the first feeling, for those who are not confident with poverty, could be harder that it seems.

We wrote this to prepare you to a realty that will certanly hit you.

That’s effectly this that makes this place so different from the world we are used to live. This is the place of “Africa blues”, a contrast that fascinates and picks you heart, where you have feelings that you can’t describe.

To discover this world must be the first motivation that makes you have this holiday that, with the right spirit, will transform itself in a real journey.

…that’s exactly this that makes Mimi na Wewe the right place where to start discover Africa!


Kenya (40.512.700 population) is a country of East Africa, Nairobi (4.390.000 population) is its capital and the biggest city. Other important cities are located on Indian Ocean.

Between Mombasa (1.250.000 population) and Malindi, fishermen decided to build a small village and to name it Watamu. Village is now surrounded by hotels and resorts, with a big european community.

Mimi na Wewe is located in a portion of Watamu named Timboni, place that you find about a kilometer before to arrive in Watamu.

Why we chose Timboni

We decided to buid Mimi na Wewe in Timboni because we were looking for a real african location, but not so far from the beach.

Watamu lays on different bays that are subject to the tide effect. Reef, in fact, emerges from the water to show its stunning beauty. Birds, fishes and corals will fascinate you with their colors in an ambient of thousands shades, lights and effects. White sandbars, an ocean with a miriad of shades and an incredilbe lighting sun will place you at the director’s seat of this spectacular world.

All the marine area of Watamu is part of a natural reserve. You can reach Blue Lagoon and Watamu Beach with a walk of about 2 kilometers up to Watamu or with a few minutes ride with a tuk tuk. Anyway, beaches are various so… why to limitate yourself to only one? You can chose to stay everyday in a different beach even if it is a few kilometes away. It will take 15 minutes ride with a tuk tuk to Garoda Beach, that is the most far away from Mimi na Wewe.

Our choice to not be on a singular beach is due also to the seaweeds. A natural cycle of marine life brings seaweeds on certain beaches in a determinate period of the season. This effect will not afflict your holiday. Seaweeds are much different from those we used to know in Europe and Caraibes. They seem dry leaves and do not smell like their Caraibean and European parents.

We will suggest you which is the best beach day-by-day, so you can chose whenever you want to walk or swim. Each beach has places where to enjoy a sunbath. Sunbeds cost a few euros everywhere. For each beach we have trusted collaborators that can offer to you a wide variety of services. As you can read on our reviews, none of our clients have been disappointed, but all of them have been fascinated by the surrounding and by everyday life.

Coming up to Kenya just for the sea is too restrictive!

There are many places in the world that overlooks the sea… here you have the occasion to enjoy an amazing ocean and a fantastic place. To lose the occasion to discover the this nation, its population and their lifestyle is like to have been anywhere else nearby the sea.

This is not “any” place, this is Kenya, and whenever you’ll meet it, you will never forget it.

…if you want to go to the sea, in Kenya, there are many resort with italian management.
But… if you want to go to Kenya, to the sea, Mimi na Wewe is perfect place for you.
Francesco, TripAdvisor

You can find further general information about Kenya and its surrounding visiting Wikipedia, or buying a travel guide like, for example, the Lonely Planet.

Do not trust to informations given by those who pretend to be Master Guides of Africa just because they came once, for a week and stayed in a resort without even exit from the bay. We don’t even define ourself Experts, evenif we live over here since 2010… but please, do not hesitate to contact us for informations. We will do our best to give you true, secure and official informations, asking to Embassies and local associations that deals with security, etc.

We would never allow ourselves to take the responsibility of providing superficial information and / or false illusions of security