Who we are

You will be welcomed by the hospitality and experience of an Italian couple and of the simpaty of their collaborators.

Gianni and Gloria tried to realize a venue that can host and accompany you with discretion, providing you all the esperience and the help to optimize your holiday from the first e-mail you will send them.

Each suggestion and every tale are finalized to let you understand how this place goes over the beauty of beaches, of landscapes and of the nature.

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Why Mimi na Wewe …in Africa?

Mimi na Wewe in kiswahili means “Me and You”

“Me” as first person and “You” to signify anyone who shares with you what Mimi na Wewe and Kenya will let you feel.

Me and You …in Africa! because you will find for sure someone to share your journey, your emotions and your memories with.

The Nature, the Ocean, the Safari, the People, even the simple daylife will let you enjoy and excite with simplicity, transmitting to you a bit of that “Africa blues” that you surely heard about.

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Where we are

Coming to Kenya just for the ocean is restrictive.

We choose volountary the heart of Timboni, a typical african village next to Watamu. We wanted to live in the real african reality, but not far from the beautiest beaches of Kenya.

Decide to make a trip to Kenya means to accept thing that you may don’t like but that can give you the oportunity to live unforgettable experiences.

Mix a classical holiday on the beach with the wish of dicsover Africa makes the real differrence for your holiday, transforming it to a real journey.

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Garden and Swimming Pool

Confidence, tranquility and comfort make Mimi na Wewe a corner of paradise.
Dive in the colors of our garden


Wide shaded areas, the solarium, sunbeds nearby the swimming pool will let you enjoy Mimi na Wewe all-day long.

A new wide gazebo will be the perfect place where to meet friends. You will find some english books, table games and a Wi-Fi area that covers a good percentage of the garden of Mimi na Wewe.


To maintain fresh all the rooms, cottages are placed in shaded areas, covered by the plants of the garden and protected by the typical Makuti roof (palm leaves). All rooms are double, have a ceiling fan, a private bathroom and can host a further single bed.
Furnishing is simple, in the typical african style, realized by local artisans as each single complement of furniture.

Cottage and Rooms

Two cottages, surrounded in a luscious garden of 4,000 sqm. Each cottage is composed of three independent bedrooms, and offers relax to a small group of guests.
Fall in love with our structure

Standard Room

BedDouble + Single
Guest max3
WiFiFree in public areas
All rooms are double, enclosed with a shower and, can accomodate a further single bed upon request.
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Start From€45.00 / Night


A wide gazebo with kitchen creates a restaurant area. All of this gives you the oportunity a good italian cousine and a great variety of swahili dishes.
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A rich buffet prepared by our kenyan chefs, satisfies the tastes of everyone and gives the chance to discover and apreciate a lot of dishes that combine perfectly together. Chefs of Mimi na Wewe can prepare different menus, composed of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits of unforgettable taste.

We can guarantee that in our menus Kenya is always present. Mimi na Wewe does not propone just an african-themed dinner because it could seem restrictive. Each and evey dinner we mix in our menus italian and swahili dishes.

Services of Mimi na Wewe

We offer different professional services at Mimi na Wewe...in Africa! All of them are thinked to give the oportunity to our guests to feel pampered as they are in a resort. A wellness center, the free Wi-Fi, the boutique where to buy suvenirs and gifts, the trasport service. All the services are developed upon our experiences to better satisfy all the requests we had.
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All that is offered by Mimi na Wewe is various and can be personalized. Mimi na Wewe will offer comfort and services (also tailor made) at really competitive rates.

Boarding Rates

Services of a Resort, with a lower price

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Restaurant Rates

Perfect mix between italian and swahili dishes to give you the oportunity to live your holiday with the right taste.

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How to book

Book your room is very simple, simplier than what you could think!

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We like to discover and offer the oportunity to discover new places, collaborating with professional reliable local persons that gives security to us and mostly to our guests. We are specialized in places you cannot find on catalogues of resorts and agencies.

After many years, we discovered many places that will fill your eyes and your soul with colors and feelings that only a few people can say they saw and felt!

If you prefer sport activities, we know where to send you to do snorkeling, kitesurf or diving.

Safari, excursions and sport

Mimi na Wewe can suggest you the better safari or classical escursions... but mostly, can organize exclusive things.
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Stunning beaches

As you can read on Where we are page, we decided to build Mimi na Wewe...in Africa! in Timboni, a few minutes far from beautiest beaches of Kenya and Africa. Here there are which they are!

Ocean breeze

Ocean Breeze is located about 3 kms far from Mimi na Wewe, about 10 minutes on a tuk tuk ride

Watamu Beach

Watamu Beach is located about 2 kms far from Mimi na Wewe and it can be reached with a 5 minutes tuk tuk ride

Blue Lagoon

Located only 1.5 kms far from Mimi na Wewe, Blue Lagoon is the closest beach that you can reach. It takes a few minutes walking or 5 minutes by tuk tuk

Blue Bay

Located 1.5 kms far from Mimi na Wewe, Blue Bay beach can be reached in a few minutes walking or in 5 minutes with a tuk tuk ride

Turtle Bay

3 kms far from Mimi na Wewe is located the long beach of Turtle Bay. You can reach it in a few minutes walking or in 10 minutes of tuk tuk

Garoda Beach

Awarded by CNN Travel as one of the best beaches in Africa, Garoda Beach is located 7 kms far from Mimi na Wewe and can be reached with a 15 minutes of tuk tuk ride

Eco-solidarity tourism

Everything at Mimi na Wewe is made on a natural and ecological system for the maximum respect of the environment. Anyway, you can enjoy a lot of small comodities that permit you to enjoy the maximum relax in a pleasant stay, without be in contrast with the world that surrounds Mimi na Wewe.

Swahili uses and culture are the primary choice of Mimi na Wewe. Due to this we think thet the education of the tourist takes the first place for a real experience for the tourist itself and as a real help for whome who host us. There is nothing that harms to this place more than a bad tourism. An ignorant and uninformed tourism, even if in a good faith, creates a huge damage to the environment and to the people that live in it. This is the reason why Mimi na Wewe always propones a different way of tourism, based on eco-sustainable and eco-integral rules.

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